Advantages of Composite Rebars

5 Times Lighter Than Traditional Steel Rebars
The density of FRP rebars are lower than normal Steel Rebars due to this reason they are lighter.

The Tensile Strength is 2,5 Times More Than the Traditional Steel Rebars
According to our tensile strength test results FRP rebars are 2,5 times stronger and this is giving an extra strength to the structures.

Low Labour Costs
Due to the low weight and easy workability of the material it is seen that the labor costs are decreasing.

Non-Toxic material according to the effect to the environment it is in grade 4 and this means that it has got a low danger.

Over 100 Year Life Time
Due to the mechanical and chemical properties the FRP rebars do not face with any corrosion and because of the advantages the life time of the bars lasts till 100 years.

Low Heat Conductivity
Due to the low heat conductivity it is energy efficient.

Easy to Use
Due to the capacity to produce in the requested lengths and flexibility of the material it is easy to use.

Transportation Advantage
While FRP Rebars are 5 times lighter than normal steel rebars it’s giving you a huge advantage in the sense of transportation you can transport more and this decreases you transport costs.

High Corrosion Resistance
Can be used by structures where high corrosion is, like car parks, marinas, bridges.

High Chemical Resistance
Can be used by structures where chemical resistance is requested, like industrial facilities, chemical facilities, waste water treatment facilities.

Electrical Non-Conductivity
Can be used where electrical non-conductivity is requested especially on transformer, reactors and high magnetic areas.

Can be used where non-magnetic conducdivity is requested.