Who We Are?

Ceylan Industry was established in 1974 to produce spare parts for automotive industry. Group is expended its production to the composite sector in 2017. Ceylan Composites continues its production of various products under 20.000 square meter closed area with high technology manufacturing facilities. We aim to provide durable solutions to its customers from many different industrial and service sectors.


What is Composite Rebar?

Nowadays, in the construction sector the biggest problem is the corrosion problem of the steel rebars. Environmental conditions and sea water are causing for corrosion on the steel rebars by time. Due to these reasons with the time damages occurs on the constructions and this is causing to huge maintance costs, especially the structures which are affected by the outdoor conditions like, parking places, ports, bridges and their legs.

Composite rebars are resistant according to corrosion and due to the high pulling strength, it will be an excellent alternative to traditional steel rebars. Composite rebars are little bit more expensive than regular steel rebars but due to its advantages, like no maintance cost, light weight etc. becomes more favoured to normal steel rebars. Composite rebars are generally known in the market as composite construction rebars, composite construction steel, FRP Rebar, GFRP Rebar or glass fiber reinforced rebars.